Research &

Every Software solution is an implementation of an Idea. Each and every person may have an idea, but may not know how to implement it. Many of our customers have also faced this issue some times.

At Immneos, our R&D; team research on the idea or concept of a customer and derive the solution. They will suggest first in class solution and technology to fulfill the idea of our customer.

We are assuming that not everyone is sound in technology. So they may not be able to implement their idea themselves. They will need help from a technology team for converting their idea into reality. This is what our R&D; team does. Customers can consult our engineers with their queries to get advice on how best to use Information Technology in achieving their business objective. In addition to giving advice, we often estimate, manage, implement, deploy and administer IT systems on behalf of our client organizations.

Dream Together,
Grow Together

We are believing in “Growing together” policy. We have a startup policy for helping startups to achieve their dream. Most of the startups especially tech-startups needs high level technical guidance as well as technical supports while implementing their product/projects. They may not be sound enough in the technology they are going to implement.

If you are an early stage entrepreneur having a product idea, you can just get into Immneos and ask for help irrespective of whether you are a techie or not. We would help you with technical as well as business advices. We will help you to define your business strategies as well. If you need to develop a prototype of your product for Investor pitching we would help you to do the same. Startups can feel free to contact us for any kind help. Early entrepreneurs can come and work with our team while developing their prototypes in our Lab. Our Engineers are always there to support you. Sometimes we help startups by developing their prototypes in negligible cost.