Who We Are

IMMNEOS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD is an IT services company based at Cochin, founded by a group of young talented engineers by the end of year 2013, providing User experience, Software solutions, Mobile applications and cloud solutions related to different Industries.

The company name “Immneos” is a combination of German(“imm”) and Greek(“neos”) words meaning “always young”. The color blue indicates the “Creativity” and “Intelligence” Our primary aim is to provide our customers a complete solution with newer and efficient technologies. We aim at customer satisfaction by accomplishing their needs in an effective and feasible way.

At IMMNEOS, we always try to innovate technologies that would be helpful and relevant for the public. Any innovation that saves their life,time, money will always be our prime concern. We always try to combine the current systems to produce optimized product that will easily pave way for the future concepts. We try to formulate practical miniature products of a future technical concept that will help our people to easily migrate to newer technologies.


Our mission is to capture and implement newer technologies in a simple way to improve the quality of our products and services and thereby making our customers satisfied.


Our vision is to become the one among the top 10 IT companies in India within 2030 by providing better technology solutions and products, thereby involving in the formation of the economy of the Nation.

Why Immneos?

At Immneos, we are providing services for the customer satisfaction. We will iterate through the solution till the customer is comfortable. We value the quality of our services and happiness of our customers.

Our team is always enthusiastic and passionate about newer technologies. As our company name Immneos( a combination of German and Greek words meaning ALWAYS YOUNG) indicates, we are always thinking as young minds and grasping and implementing newer technologies to improve the quality of our services.

We can co-work with our customer's team for capturing all the requirements and choosing the best solution to their problem. We will take care of customer's suggestions and opinions while finding solutions and then deliver our services. Customers are always free to ask any queries, provide any opinions, and we promise not to make them disappointed. We would help our customers to find out their exact requirement. Usually, we would suggest or fine tune their requirements to save their time, money and resources.